Switch Board
Full Name Brenda McTech
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double-Cross
Relationships Tara Belle - friend
Nikki Darling - friend
Bianca Dupree - friend
Troy Jeffries - friend
Chester McTech - younger brother
Shanelle Spencer - friend
Blaze Summers - friend
Larke Tanner - friend
Jillian Thorndyke - friend
Brenda "Switchboard" McTech is the lovely self-dubbed “Guru of Gossip.” There's nothing Switchboard won't do, and very little she hasn't done, to find the latest "dirt" and dish it out at the teen country club. However, she was shown to be very reluctant to spread false gossip. Her younger brother is ultra-precocious Chester.


  1. Double-Surfing Double Cross
  2. The Dog Ate My Homework
  3. My Fair Wilshire
  4. Chase of a Lifetime
  5. Downhill Racer
  6. Halloween in the Hills
  7. The Perfect Gift
  8. Chester the Matchmaker
  9. Operation: Soap Opera
  10. Potions of Love
  11. The Teen Cup
  12. Hold the Anchovies
  13. Diet, Please
  14. That Winning Smile



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Main Characters
Larke Tanner - Bianca Dupree - Troy Jeffries - Pierce Thorndyke III - Radley - Shanelle Spencer - Blaze Summers - Tara Belle - Chester McTech - Nikki Darling - Switchboard - Gig - Jett - Wilshire Brentwood
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Buck Huckster - Jillian Thorndyke - Fifi
Tiara - Empress - Stardust

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