Pierce's Hundred Dollars is the thirty sixth first episode of Beverly Hills Teens.


Pierce is given a deal from a car salesman that if he can save at least $100 from his allowance for the week, Ultimo, the world's fastest and only voice-activated car (but also the world's most expensive car) will be his. The other Teens including Chester, Gig, Nikki, Tara and Blaze try to trick him into spending his last $100 so he will not be able to buy Ultimo. After their attempts fail, they ask Bianca to con Pierce into taking her to the concert and make him spend his $100. After Pierce spends his last $100 on concert tickets, the other teens trick him into thinking that Bianca would rather ride with him in The Ultimo instead of going to the concert. At the end, they let Pierce find out that they have set him up. Bianca goes with them in the Teen Mobile to the concert instead of going with him in The Ultimo.

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