Nikki Darling
Nikki Darling
Full Name Nikki Darling
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double-Cross
Relationships Tara Belle - friend
Gig - friend
Troy Jeffries - friend
Jett - friend
Radley - friend
Shanelle Spencer - friend
Blaze Summers - friend
Switchboard - friend
Larke Tanner - friend

An aspiring model/actress with a very dramatic demeanor, especially against unfairness (perceived and otherwise) in the fashion/entertainment world.


  1. Double-Surfing Double Cross
  2. The Dog Ate My Homework
  3. The Makeover
  4. Robot Romance
  5. Casting Call
  6. Downhill Racer
  7. Halloween in the Hills
  8. Dream Date
  9. Operation Soap Opera
  10. Nothing but Gossip
  11. Old at Heart
  12. Pierce's Hundred Dollars
  13. Scene Stealer
  14. A Splitting Image
  15. What the Hex Happening
  16. Private Club – Ghosts Only
  17. Poll Climbers
  18. Eye of the Tigress
  19. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
  20. Roughing It
  21. The Buck Stops Here
  22. The Kindest Cut of All
  23. Nikki's Big Break
  24. Miracle at the Teen Club (Part 1)
  25. Miracle at the Teen Club (Part 2)



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