Jillian Thorndyke
Jillian Thorndyke
Full Name Jillian Thorndyke
First Appeared The Teen Cup
Relationships Tara Belle - friend
Jett - friend
Chester McTech - boyfriend
Shanelle Spencer - friend
Switchboard - friend
Larke Tanner - friend

Jillian Thorndyke is Pierce’s annoying yet cute and pretty little sister, who tries to be much more adult than she is. She doesn't seem to like her brother very much. She ultimately falls in love with Chester McTech, in part because she's far too young to date Troy Jeffries.


  1. The Teen Cup
  2. Star Split (cameo)
  3. Jillian's Lesson
  4. Private Club – Ghosts Only
  5. Poll Climbers
  6. Miracle at the Teen Club (Part 1)
  7. Miracle at the Teen Club (Part 2)


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