Full Name Empress
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double-Cross
Relationships Bianca Dupree - owner

Empress is Bianca Dupree’s small pink poodle, whose nasty bark is comparable to Bianca’s attitude. She often helps Bianca make Larke Tanner’s life harder, such as destroying the floppy discs containing Larke's homework. Empress's archenemy is none other than Larke’s cat, Tiara. Empress also hates Wilshire Brentwood. According to one episode, Empress hates water so much Bianca dry cleans her.


  1. Double-Surfing Double Cross
  2. The Dog Ate My Homework
  3. The Make Over
  4. Downhill Racer
  5. Visit from a Prince
  6. The Perfect Gift
  7. Open for Business
  8. Potions of Love
  9. Bianca's Dream
  10. The Commercial
  11. What the Hex Happening?
  12. McTech, P.I.


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Tiara - Empress - Stardust

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