Blaze Summers
Char 25167
Full Name Blaze Summers
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double-Cross
Relationships Tara Belle - friend
Nikki Darling - friend
Troy Jeffries - friend
Jett - friend
Shanelle Spencer - friend
Stardust - companion
Larke Tanner - friend

Blaze Summers is a lovely dark blonde cowgirl who could pass for Larke's sister...both in looks and in personality. Blaze is folksy, laid-back, and friendly to everyone - even Pierce Thorndyke III. she has several horses, the one named Stardust is her most common horse. Thunder is another one of her horses. Ultimately, her charming nature attracts the attentions of a prince, with whom she falls in love. She is friend of Tara, Larke, Nikki, Jett, Shanelle, Radley and Gig.


  1. Double-Surfing Double Cross
  2. The Make Over
  3. Chase of a Lifetime
  4. Downhill Racer
  5. The Perfect Gift
  6. Operation: Soap Opera
  7. Fairy Tale Flake Out
  8. Diet, Please



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