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Bianca Dupree
Full Name Bianca Dupree
Age 16-17
First Appeared Double-Surfing Double Cross
Relationships Wilshire - driver and best friend
Empress - dog

Bianca Dupree is a rich (like the other main characters) and spoiled yet beautiful teenage girl and one of the main characters of the cartoon. She is the main antagonist in most episodes.


She has light blue/ice green eyes with light green eye shadow and long black hair.


Despite her beauty, this arrogant diva can often be seen riding around in her long pink limo, with her dog Empress and her chauffeur Wilshire Brentwood. She dislikes nature in favor of the clean house and conditioned air, although in one episode she was excited about a camping trip - if for no other reason than the shopping required. She is Larke's best enemy forever and ever. She wants to win the heart of Troy. She is very jealous of Larke's relationship with him and is constantly scheming to ruin it, since Bianca has a major crush on him as well. Bianca is not above sabotaging her other peers, either; she once tried to ruin Tara’s entry into a beauty pageant. However, when on one occasion she learned her latest scheme might lead to Larke's death, she risked her own life to rescue her, and later withdrew from the competition. Wilshire is desperately in love with Bianca, but she steps all over him, despite the gang’s efforts to match them up. Oddly, while Bianca sees nothing wrong with her own habit of mistreating Wilshire, she does not allow anybody else to do the same, the episode The Kindest Cut of All proves this. Bianca has kissed Wilshire more times than anyone else in show.



  • Bianca was originally going to be called Raven.
  • Bianca had broken her leg once in the series.
  • Bianca hates perspiring.
  • Bianca is apparently allergic to anything that grows in dirt.

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